Spiritual Mandate Training Structure

We offer a two-tiered training structure – Foundation and Focus.

Basic Course Structure Outline

Each course will last for 5-weeks. Each week will have a unique guided meditation that helps expand your consciousness. 

While following our guided meditation, we ask a simple question, “What do you notice physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.” This question is the foundation for everything we do here at Spiritual Mandate. We offer an experiential consciousness-building training program. Our goal is to create an environment to experience and develop your awareness through guided meditation. 

This is an ever-expanding project so stay connected and enjoy the new courses as they are released within our community.


The courses offered in our Foundation series focuses on personal boundaries – what is me and not me. There are two courses in this tier – Meditation 1 and Meditation 2.

Meditation 1
– is a 5-week course. Each week offers short reading material and a guided meditation focused on:

  • Developing a solid sense of self in the present moment. You will also learn how to release dysfunctional habits and emotional triggers.
  • Reclaiming your energy and power from your past, future, friends, and rivals.
  • Cultivating a center of focus within your body while beginning to establish your personal boundaries.

Meditation 2
– is a 5-week course. Each week offers short reading material and a guided meditation focused on:

  • Defining and strengthening your personal boundaries.
  • Releasing stuck patterns that don’t serve you in the present.
  • Learning and owning a new body-focused form of neutrality.
  • Clearing and recreating an energetic sanctuary that is safe for your body.
  • Developing an awareness of your creative essence and expressing yourself


The second tier expands a person’s awareness of the question posed above by focusing on each part of the question –physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

  • Physical – our focus will be on the seven systems of the body. This is not an anatomy and physiology educational regurgitation. We are using our Foundation training to learn more about our relationship with our physical body
  • Emotional – our focus will be developing our emotional awareness. Using the tools from our Foundation
    training, we will learn how to nurture and grow our emotional self, releasing patterns of disfunction and
    identifying our emotions versus others.
  • Mental – our focus will be on learning to identify how this part of us impacts self-identity. You might have heard the phrase – you are what you think, or I think therefore I am. Using the Foundation tools, we will explore this realm, reaffirm what is working and release what doesn’t serve us as we engage on this life journey.
  • Spiritual – our focus here will be exploring the various levels of our spiritual self and how it interacts with our physical form. Once again, we will be using the tools learned in our Foundation series to explore this aspect of ourselves.


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