Progress Report

Thank you Beta Testers for all of your support and comments.

We are now roughly 15 days into our test and your insights have given me such inspiration to continue improving upon this website’s functionality. From a very superficial level, things may look the same and that’s because the overall structure and functionality of the website is sound. However, I am always exploring how to improve the little things so that you can enjoy the main features of this website without having to guess or work hard to figure things out. Here are some of the current changes:

  • On-boarding systems
    • Because we offer many website features, some people got overwhelmed on where to focus their attention besides the meditation course. With a new CRM (customer relationship management system) I am able to track and send timely relevant information to all members.
  • Log-in friendly reminders
    • Life gets busy and meditation sometimes get put on the back burner and forgotten. We are able to send friendly reminders when people haven’t check-in within 7 days.
  • Blog
    • My initial intention for this website was to give very little information. I wanted to create an almost purely focused meditation website. However, I realized that my life experience, training, and practice gives me context to how I meditate. I realized I needed to share more context, especially at the beginning of this journey, for others. It’s easy for me to know the benefits to daily meditation. My hope is to create a Blog sharing my experiences and the stories of others.
  • Profile menu, ranks and achievements
    • Menus were moved around based on customer value. The rank and achievement levels are being explored to better guide a meditator to their path of success.

There is more to come and I am excited to share this with you all. I am looking for more beta testers. Please send them a personal invite from your profile page. You may give them the coupon code (betatest2022) as a gift. There is an expiration date to this code so please share it as quickly as possible.

Blessings and Happy Meditating!!

Michael Spackman
CEO and Master Trainer
Spiritual Mandate

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