Meditation 2

Jun 2, 2022 Update

Lot’s have been going on with regards to the website since my last posting – all good things. This has led me to delay the recording of Lesson 5. My hope is to have this lesson complete by July 10th, 2022.

I will be completing the Companion Meditation series for Lessons 1-4 before I record this audio. These meditations should keep you very busy so I’m not too concerned about completing this Lesson on time.

Smiles and enjoy!

May 5, 2022 update

This course is complete except the last lesson. Lesson 5 is about  to be released into production. I will update you as soon as possible. My goal is to have Lesson 5 in production by May 15th.


This is the second course in the foundation series.

5-Week Course Structure: Weekly reading material, weekly guided meditation focused on a specific technique, and daily mediation recommended.

Meditation Skills Developed:

  • Defining and strengthening your personal boundaries
  • Releasing stuck patterns that don’t serve you in the present
  • Learning and owning a new body focused form of neutrality
  • Clearing and recreating a sanctuary that is safe for your body
  • Develop an awareness of your creative essence and express yourself

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