Meditation 1

Welcome to Meditation 1. This is the first of two courses in our Foundation series.

Once you register, your 5-week meditation course begins. If life gets in the way and you don’t finish this course in the allotted time, don’t worry, you can continue your training and use the additional meditations found in the Meditation Companion Membership.

5-Week Course Structure: Weekly reading material, weekly guided meditation focused on a specific technique, and daily mediation recommended.

Meditation Skills Developed:

  • Develop a solid sense of self in the present moment. Learn to release dysfunctional habits and emotional triggers.
  • Reclaim your energy and power from your past, future, friends, and rivals.
  • Cultivate a center of focus within your body while beginning to establish your personal boundaries.
  • Experience and harness the flow of life force energy that impacts your body daily.

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