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Whatever concept or idea you have about meditation – throw it away! Our goal is to make meditation simple, fun, and impactful.

We offer a unique style of conscious development that focuses on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of our unique essence.

Understanding that the various levels of our self has a common language and dimension that can be tapped into and understood through our intention. Quieting down the “noise” in these levels expands our awareness which furthers our understanding to how we operate.

Meditation 1

a 5-week class

Meditation 2

a 5-week class

We offer a three tiered online meditation training program – Beginner, Intermediate, and Advance.

The first level of training, Beginner Level, focuses your attention on developing your conscious awareness on your energy, personal boundaries, creativity, protection, neutrality, and removing negative influences.

The Intermediate Level adds a new skill to healing yourself – increasing your consciousness to the possibilities of establishing a new relationship with yourself.

The Advance Training Level combines the first two levels of training and shoots for the stars. We have no limits to what we can explore once we achieve this level. This level we will be using the tools from the Beginning and Intermediate level to explore various themes like owning our Astral Body and Dreams, Owning Your Physical Body, and Clearing and Setting the tone of the Emotional and Mental Body.

Meditation Companion Membership


This membership gives Spiritual Mandate meditators access to previously purchased classes as well as additional enhancement meditation to help them strengthen the use of their meditation tools.

** You must finish Meditation 1 before you can enroll in this membership.

Why We Exist

A simple yet powerful way of exploring the human being potential through conscious development and targeted guided meditations.

Why We Exist


We exist to explore and expand the spiritual being connection to the human body.

We recognize that we are spiritual beings inhabiting a physical body.

As a spirit, we’ve made a decision to experience life. We started this journey by creating a birthing agreement that allowed us access to a physical body.

During our lifetime, we accumulate life experience on a physical, emotional, and mental level. These experiences and how we as spiritual beings interact with them develop our Soul Personality.

When we leave the physical body, we take our Soul Personality’s records and add them to our Akashic records for future use.

This is what we will be exploring in our training.


Membership Information

What level do you want to explore your universe?  We offer three tiers of training: Beginning, Intermediate, and Advance Meditations.

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