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A Meditator's Path to Success


Repetition is the first challenge meditative initiates experience when expanding their consciousness.

You are learning how to catch those subtle tones of communication that impacts your daily activities.

Only repeating the same meditative exercises allows you to become proficient with identifying and using these subtle tones for your personal benefit.


As we continuously practice our meditations, we begin to realize how much noise, stimuli, we carry within us. This “noise” has impacted us on many levels and has been buried deep within us.

Patience is the key to releasing unwanted stimuli and habits. Give yourself time to learn how to identify, protect, and heal yourself.


Reflection is the beginning stage for developing wisdom. We offer several tools to enhance your meditative reflective experience:

  • A private journal to write and reflect upon your meditation
  • A meditation tracker that keeps you conscious to how much time you practice your meditation on a daily, monthly, yearly, and by lesson basis.

Courses For All Meditative Levels

We offer a two-tiered online audio-guided meditation training program – Foundation and Focus.

The Foundation Courses develops your conscious awareness to your energy, personal boundaries, creativity, protection, neutrality, and removing negative influences.

The Focus Courses are four different meditation tracks – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Each focus increases your consciousness to the possibilities of establishing a new relationship with yourself and how you define your reality.

It all begins with you signing up for a monthly or annual Membership. An active membership gives you continuous access to our first Foundation course – Defining Your Inner Boundaries. When you are ready, as an active member, you can add additional courses to your training.

This membership recognizes that we are on a journey of “Bringing the Unconscious Conscious” and offers continuous support to all of our members.

It all begins with your Membership


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Foundation (FDN) Courses

Defining Your Inner Boundaries

a 5-week course

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Inward Definition, Outward Manifestation

a 5-week course

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