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About Us

Founded by Michael Spackman

I believe that too many meditation teachers and personal development coaches teach simple concepts in complex ways. You shouldn't have to follow 100 rules to find happiness or success. My goal is to create a learning environment that doesn't preach nor require intense reading to expand one's consciousness. We keep it simple - what do you notice, and validate that experience.

Core Values

Hi, I'm Michael Spackman

I am excited that you wanted to learn more about Spiritual Mandate. This is my passion child. As you read about how Spiritual Mandate came to be in the story below, I want to emphasize that I have spend thousands of hours in meditation and I am bringing that life experience to our training programs. 

This may be your first explore into meditation or you are like me and love the meditative explorative experience. Whatever your level of experience may be, just know that this website is designed for all levels of exposure. It’s not about what you know or what you’ve done in the past. It’s about being in the present moment and learning how to identify what is happening to you from within.

Spiritual Mandate Manifestation Story

I was introduced to a word, Chakra, from my Uncle Earl that led me on an amazing life journey. I started asking questions and realized that we are more than a physical body. The beginning of my journey, I explored different types of meditations, taught meditation, and worked with others on teaching meditation and spiritual tools. I have read hundreds of books on various concepts on spirituality, religion, psychology, personal development, anatomy, and physiology.  

All of this life experience led me to creating a private practice as a CranioSacral Therapist, and business owner and creator of Spiritual Mandate.

Several years ago, a friend of mine told me that I needed to “find my tribe.” She saw that I was missing something in my life and that I needed to find people who had a similar enthusiasm for exploring life from an internal explorative way. At that time, I wasn’t teaching any classes, only give a little snippet of my awareness training in my manual therapy practice.

When the pandemic occurred in 2020, her words really struck home. I saw so many people experiencing large swings in emotional expression. I myself felt these swings in my body which caused me to react in ways that didn’t feel good. I realized I needed to separate from the masses and regain my center. My friend’s words came to the forefront of my mind – “Find Your Tribe.”

I decided I wanted to find others interested in exploring themselves and using a simple question to help guide that exploration – “What do I notice physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually when I place my attention on some type of stimulus?”

My next decision was, “should I add this training to my current business or start something new.” While meditating on this question, I found my answer. I needed a separate business that solely focused on creating an environment that gave people space to explore their inner landscape in their own time. 

From working with thousands of students in the past, I wanted to create a repeatable meditative experience which lead me to creating the audio and video meditations. Listening to a meditation multiple times allows the meditator to develop their internal awareness and release the unconsciousness residing within. (We will expand on this in our blog and course training.)

The last answer I got during my meditation was the name for my business, Spiritual Mandate. This name is an expression to what I am experiencing. I feel a strong spiritual push, a mandate, to get this training out into the world.


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