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CEO and Master Trainer

A Brief History

Life was interesting as a sensitive child. Aware of everyone’s emotions, I was that likeable guy that no one knew very well. A nationally ranked swimmer, I didn’t go to many of the swim team parties. It was easier to stay home, away from any complicated team drama. Classes were rough too. Perhaps affected by everyone’s energy around me, I just couldn’t memorize or retain information, especially for exams. Nonetheless, I served in the Army National Guard, got my B.S. from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, and later worked in Corporate America in sales for Nabisco Foods Group, TaylorMade Business Systems and Wells Fargo Bank.

Everything changed when I learned spiritual mechanics. Closing my eyes and directing my own attention helped me immediately. As I got more aware, I could appreciate people while having healthy boundaries. I could be in a room of people under pressure (while taking exams, for example), and be OK. This allowed me to return to college and get an advanced degree. Instead of worrying about everyone else, I connected to my own values, priorities, and desires. I was becoming me for the first time.

As I mastered these inner mechanics (it still surprises me what you see when you look using you’re your inner eye), I could take on more and more responsibility, including being a business leader for a couple international trips, serving as Director of my spiritual seminary for years (I’ve been a minister for 20 years), and eventually opening up my own healing business. I’ve spent over 15 years as a manual therapist focused on pain management using the modalities of Craniosacral therapy, Neuromuscular therapy and massage.

Being attuned to energy dynamics has allowed me to become the leader I am now. I help my clients manage their pain, I teach them tools for their own spiritual development, and help them through inner blocks with intuitive communication. Everything I do moves people forward, opens them to their own truth, and helps them claim their own leadership abilities.


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